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lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Handel - Christophers - Anthems (II)

Compositor: George Frideric Handel
Lynne Dawson, soprano
Ian Partridge, tenor
Dirección: Harry Christophers
Orquesta y coro: The Sixteen Choir & Orchestra
Número de discos: 4
Formato: FLAC+MP3+CUE
Servidor: uptobox

Disco 2:
1. Anthem 4. O sing unto the Lord a new song
1. Sonata
2. O sing unto the Lord a new song!
3. Declare his honour unto the heathen
4. The waves of the sea rage horribly
5. O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
6. Let the whole earth stand in awe of him
7. Let the heav'ns rejoice
2. Anthem 5. I will magnify thee
1. Sonata
2. I will magnify thee, O God my King
3. Ev'ry day will I give thanks unto thee
4. One generation shall praise thy works unto another
5. The Lord preserveth all them that love him
6. The Lord is righteous in all his ways
7. Happy are the people that are in such a case
8. My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord
3. Anthem 6. As pants the Hart for cooling streams
1. Sonata
2. As pants the hart for cooling streams
3. Tears are my daily food
4. Now, when I think thereupon, I pour out my heart by myself
5. In the voice of praise and thanksgiving
6. Why so full of grief, O my soul?
7. Put thy trust in God, for I will praise him



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