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lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Handel - Christophers - Anthems (I)

Compositor: George Frideric Handel
Lynne Dawson, soprano
Ian Partridge, tenor
Michael George, bajo
Dirección: Harry Christophers
Orquesta y coro: The Sixteen Choir & Orchestra
Número de discos: 4
Formato: FLAC+MP3+CUE
Servidor: uptobox

Disco 1:
1. Anthem 1. O, be joyful in the Lord
1. Sonata
2. O be joyful in the Lord
3. Serve the Lord with gladness
4. Be ye sure that the Lord he is God
5. O go your way into his gates
6. For the Lord is gracious
7. Glory be to the Father
8. As it was in the beginning
2. Anthem 2. In the Lord put I my trust
1. Sonata
2. In the Lord put I my trust
3. God is a constant sure defence
4. Behold! The wicked bend their bow
5. But God, who hears the suff'ring pow'r
6. Snares, fire and brimstone
7. The righteous Lord
8. Then shall my song
3. Anthem 3. Have mercy upon me
1. Sonata
2. Have mercy upon me, O God
3. Wash me thoroughly from my wickedness
4. For I acknowledge my faults
5. Against thee only have I sinned
6. Thou shalt make me hear of joy and gladness
7. Make me a clean heart, O God
8. Then shall I teach Thy ways unto the wicked



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