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viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

Purcell, Blow - King, Bowman, Chance - Duetos para contra-tenor

Compositores: Henry Purcell, John Blow
James Bowman, contra-tenor
Michael Chance, contra-tenor
Dirección: Robert King
Conjunto: The King's Consort
Número de discos: 1
Formato: FLAC+MP3+CUE
Servidor: uptobox

(Henry Purcell)
01. Sound the trumpet
02. In vain the Am'rous Flute
03. O solitude, my sweetest choice!
04. Sing, sing ye druids
05. O dive custos Auriacae domus
06. No, resistance is but vain
07. Hark how the songsters
08. Incassum Lesbia (The Queen's Epicedium)

(John Blow)
09. Ah, heav'n! What is't I hear?
10. Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell



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